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Mentoring Moms

Join us as experienced homeschool moms discuss a variety of topics that help us live out this calling.  We will meet the 2nd Thursday, every other month with a different topic of focus each time.


  • September 14: extra curricular activities, round table discussion
  • November 9: homeschool philospopies- led by Laura
  • January 11: mom's self care, including husband in homeschooling- led by Sally
  • March 8: child challenged enough?, teaching subjects I don't know- led by Laura
  • May 10: record keeping, legal considerations, open forum

*In minutes initials are used in place of names

Mentoring Moms Resources
Homeschool Activities – 11/8/2017
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Meeting Minutes

Mentoring Moms Minutes
May 2017 Mentoring Moms Minutes

Topic: How to Get/Stay Connected With Other Homeschooling Families and Foster Relationships With Children

Mentoring Moms Minutes
March 2017 Mentoring Moms Minutes

Topic: Homeschool Law (Legal Aspects) and How to Stay Motivated

Mentoring Moms Minutes
January 2017 Mentoring Moms Minutes

Topic: What curriculum do you use?

Mentoring Moms Minutes
Ocotober 2016 Mentoring Moms Minutes

Topic: What is your typical day? How do you keep little ones engaged?

Mentoring Moms Minutes
September 2016 Mentoring Moms Minutes

Topic: Why did you start homeschooling? Share about how things went when you began.