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Welcome to the information page of the Aquinas Catholic Educators

Who are we? We are a group of home educating families who are loyal to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and who live in and around the Fargo-Moorhead area.  We are a 501c7 non-profit organization.

August 2019 - August 2021 Service Board: Marsha Schmidt, Chair ([email protected]); Karla Wiegrefe, Vice-chair ([email protected]); Bonnie Spies, Treasurer ([email protected]); Theresa Gilbertson, Secretary ([email protected])


Why join ACE? 

  • To meet other local Catholic homeschooling families.
  • To support local Catholic homeschooling families.
  • To use our group insurance for homeschool-related activities at local parishes and other locations that require group insurance.

Membership Requirements (these are explained in more detail on the "Request Membership" page, which is located at the VERY TOP of the screen, in white print)

  • Loyalty to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Volunteer for at least one service opportunity annually.
  • Pay annual membership dues. 

If you would like more information about ACE, please contact a board member (emails listed above).

More about us:

(Note: the information below was basically cut & pasted from the Saint Joseph Pillar of Families (SJPF)  group in Grand Forks, since it describes our thoughts so well! If you want to visit their site, click here)

If you are not yet homeschooling, but have children and are considering this educational option, we're happy to have you join us. Whether your children are very young, or in school while you discern whether homeschooling is right for your family, or you are considering bringing only some of your children home from school, you will find support, encouragement, and advice born of experience within our group. If you are not ready to join, you may choose to attend family events as a guest while you are looking into homeschooling.

If you do not yet have children, but you are interested in learning more about homeschooling, we can let you know when we are going to have an informational night, and we can put you in touch with members willing to discuss their experience with you, but we ask that you do not apply for membership at this time.

If you have special needs children in your family, we have experienced families within our membership to support you.

If you have completed your years of home education or have moved away from the area, you are welcome to retain membership in the group. You serve the group by sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information before making your decision about membership.


Security and trust

The purpose of this website is to facilitate gatherings, support, and face-to-face interaction among the members of the “real world” ACE group. In other words, ACE is not an Internet support group or online forum. We are a real live support group, and as such, we would like to get to know you and vice versa.

The website is secure, the group is private, and your family's details will be kept secure. Within our membership, we do everything we can to respect and protect each other's privacy. If you have a further concern about Internet safety, please refer to this Homeschool-Life Security document.