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September 2016 Mentoring Moms Minutes To Publications / Articles - September 2016 Mentoring Moms Minutes

Posted 9/1/16

B introduced herself, began with a prayer, and mentioned that there were some flyers and books available. She said that she chose to start these meetings because she was being approached with many questions and thought it would be helpful to make a point to have regular meetings to address them. She mentioned how we are all different and how new moms can see if mentors’ styles fit their personality.

There were five “mentors” present and about 12 “mentees.” Each mentor introduced herself and addressed the topic:

M (4 children, ages 8 to 14)

I had cousins who were homeschooled. As a teen I thought that was weird, but they turned out great.. When my oldest was two and a half I asked my aunt about it, but in discussion with my husband we didn’t pursue it in the beginning. My oldest did half day kindergarten and completed first grade at the public school. We started when the oldest was in second grade (note- cute story - M said later during the meeting, while several moms shared that they occasionally “threaten” to send their children to “away school” [public/private school], that when M says this her oldest child adds “and you DON’T want to go there - I know!” to her threat). M mentioned a few resources she recommends: Honey for a Child's Heart, Before Five in a Row, Susan Wise Bauer’s Well-Trained Mind, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, and Simply Classical. M mentioned that one of her children needed speech therapy and was able to do that through their local public school. M also mentions regarding handwriting: We began cursive with our older three in 3rd grade. This year we began cursive in 1st grade using Memoria Press materials. A hundred years ago kids learned cursive right away...there's no need to drop writing speed in third grade as kids learn to do cursive...etc. It's working for this kid so far


S (8 children, ages 1 to 15)

Met homeschooled kids in college and grad school. Was impressed with kindness, intelligence and open-mindedness but didn’t consider doing it for my future children. Got married, had child, was working. Turned out oldest child had reactive airway syndrome and got sick a lot in daycare. Quit job to stay at home with child, figured might as well homeschool and found it works great. Experienced negative pressure from some concerned family members. At Christmas when oldest child was halfway through kindergarten year, one family member asked oldest child what was the most important thing he learned about. He said “God.” That family member is now homeschooling their child, and as of last winter it seems that all relatives on both husband’s and S’s side of the family are now okay with them homeschooling.


B (5 children, ages 1 to 11)

In school there was a homeschooled girl in band class. She told me she had a “class” in hair braiding. I also knew M's homeschooled cousins very well. After getting married and having children, I noticed that my oldest child takes after my husband, whose intelligence and abilities had been misunderstood as a child in school because he seemed to think differently and was very analytical. We thought this child might do better in a homeschool environment. We tried it and liked it, and now we are taking one year at a time.


T (7 children, ages 4 to 19)

My brothers and sisters and I were homeschooled. We went to public school until about grade 6 and then were given the choice of if we wanted to homeschool, and we all chose it. My kids do the same. They participate in the public school for band and choir. We use the Seton Homeschool curriculum, and it’s neat to see the same things taught for each child.


Here are a few other comments from the meeting:


With homeschooling, we don’t have to worry about food choices or lockdowns.

We decided to homeschool because at the end of the school year we went to the teacher conference, and were told that our child did great, but we saw that he didn't actually do much academic work. We were also disappointed with the textbooks, I thought to myself that I could teach him better than this (a mom with 5 children age 9 and under).

Another mom shared that her child said, “Mom, you're the best teacher ever.” (As the mom was thinking how she was hating homeschool. Writing fights, math struggles.)

Question about how to help kids with their individual needs? K answered-- Need sanity of my mind and need to lead them.

Question about kids with learning problems/disabilities-- Several moms mentioned how they dealt with them.