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Posted 3/1/17

B opened with prayer.

We discussed how to stay motivated first, and then the legal aspects.


How to Stay Motivated

L (6 children ages 13 to infant)

Key is not to be so hard on herself. Do something different/library all day. Building in outings. Liturgical seasons. Family altar table changes. Lego pillar for scourging at the pillar. Do whimsical things. Moms need to recharge, too: Date night. Discussion as to why we're doing this. Minimum maintenance routine. Just do your minimum and you feel okay. Being teacher, mom, and nurse. Going to nursing home on Fridays to visit Grandma, counts as helping days, etc.


B (5 children, ages 1 to 11)

Sarah Mackenzie from Read-Aloud Revival says make a day off a surprise. Her kids are very self-motivated. Hard-- put a lot of pressure on myself. But it will be just fine. Fridays off too-- for fun. When they finish books, then they're more motivated to finish. 


K (12 children ages 18 to 1)

Sometimes need to re-evaluate schedule. We get off track, need to get back on. What do we need to get done. What time is it? What are we supposed to be doing?  What are we wanting to get out of this? Do you want to graduate? Realizing that you do get off track and you have to get back on track. Easier if you expect it to happen. Have encouraged kids to finish book by bribing.


S (8 children ages 16 to 2)

Staying motivated isn't usually a problem for me, but when the winter gets long from being cooped up inside, we like to take a family vacation to water park (note: The Edge in Duluth offers a weekday stay discount for homeschoolers. A strategy we've used is to change things up is to play more board games (educational are great).


M (4 children ages 15 to 6)

It helps to remember it's not just me!!! Once a week gym class helped. A purpose to get out. Let someone else teach the kids. Spring trip helped. Sit and read all afternoon. NDHSA conference was nice this year. Get out more helps. Fresh air helps. Public schools don't always finish the whole book.


A (6 children ages 11 to 1)

You can do Book It as homeschoolers. If your kids read the number of books they get a pizza. One per month. Kids colored in the pizza. They read or you read to them. Getting out and rollerskating. Fridays. As mom try to read ahead so do other things on Fridays.


Legal Aspects

B- Passed out the ND law.

Discussion about the testing requirements. 



Testing is just the math and English. Part of the reason is to have someone give you the test. To get practice taking the test. Seton testing CAT online. HSLDA gives peace of mind. Also good because of updates. Advice from NDHSA conference. Get manila folder and put table of contents on the folder. 



Had to go through monitoring in ND years ago. Was a good experience. Homeschool-friendly here. In ND you only need to be monitored if you don't have a high school degree or if your kids don't make the 30th percentile.



Get your forms from the HSLDA or NDHSA or MACHE. Make sure to link to the websites. Prints off curriculum, and make a general calendar by using the 36 week schedule.



We don't bother writing down hours. We gather stuff through the year as "proof." 



REACH Suggested saving a sample of beginning, middle and end of each subject for each child.