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January 2017 Mentoring Moms Minutes To Publications / Articles - January 2017 Mentoring Moms Minutes

Posted 1/1/17

We started with prayer again, and then did introductions again.



B (5 children, ages 1 to 11)

Philosophy- raise critical thinkers.

Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.

All About Spelling teaches rules.

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

  • Writing and grammar
  • DVDs
  • Options/expansions
  • Process of writing
  • Flexible to children-adaptable to fit all grades
  • Brings in other subjects
  • Fix-It Grammar (learn by editing_
  • Vocabulary
  • Handwriting


A (6 children, ages 10 to 1)

IEW and Fix-It Grammar- great for reluctant readers

Sonlight- teach multiple ages

  • Literature is excellent
  • “Real” books - gain deep understanding & knowledge of history
  • Readers line up with Core (Era of History)


R (5 children, ages 9 to 0)


Classical - Mother of Divine Grace

Memoria Press - Christian/not Catholic per se

Classical music


A (not sure of children's ages)

RC History - book lists

Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven (similar to Five in a Row)

  • At Amazon.com

Catholic Children’s Treasure Box (20 books)

MCP Math

Five in a Row (season nature studies)


S (three children, ages 9 to 3)

A Walk Through the Catholic Bible (Jeff Cavins)- Genesis to Revelation

Brings Bible/Faith to mass

Fits young to 5th/6th grade

Horizons spelling and vocabulary

Reading and phonics

Ties in classics and Bible stories

Math-U-See manipulatives


S (4 children, ages 8 to 0) 

Singapore math

  • Good to get instructor’s guide
  • Textbook, workbook
  • Mastery -w- review built in

Harcourt Science

  • Textbook workbook
  • Independent

Outdoor Secrets book @ Charlotte Mason website

  • (Boy of the Pyramids also at CM website)

What Your _____ Grader Needs to Know

Flashcards - sound/phonics @www.spalding.org cards


S (8 children, ages 16 to 2)


  • Super easy way to teach reading
  • Written by pro-life Catholic Phyllis Schlafly

What Your _____ Grader Needs to Know (in a pinch)

Seton Homeschool Program (middle school and high school)

Khan Academy - math, SAT/PSAT prep, computer programming, grades 5+

IEW + Fix-It Grammar

Life of Fred math/grammar/science

Christianbooks.com = 20% off every spring